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Give stocks as gifts!

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    Check out our links to where you can buy real Disney stock certificates.




    Disney certificates make a great gift for children and grandchildren.  For the Disney collector, it is real ownership in a company they love.  Check out the Disney stock pictures for detailed view of the certificate.


    You can order from the listed sites in just a few minutes.  Transfer of name and shipping may take several weeks for processing time.  Stocks are sold by licensed securities brokers.




    This site sells live stock certificates from a number of companies (over 100 and growing).  Disney is their featured and most popular share certificate. The site is easy to navigate.  Walt Disney Company is listed on the front page of the site, making it easy to find. The site also has Harley, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, and Exxon stocks as well.




    One of the most popular stock certificate gift sites on the internet. OneShare sells Walt Disney certificates and you can order in less than five minutes using their online checkout.  Disney is their best-selling share.  They provide a number of framing and matting options.  Also, OneShare can provide a plaque from standard phrases or customized to whatever message you wish to send.




    Collectible Stocks and Bonds sells both live Disney share certificates as well as cancelled stock certificates from Walt Disney Productions and Euro Disneyland.  As inventories allow, the site often sells cancelled Disney stock certificates. OldStocks.com is the only site on the internet that sells both live shares and obsolete certificates.



    Disney Investor Relations

    Although Disney does not sell stock certificates directly, we provide this page as reference.  The company provides links to latest news, upcoming events, historical earnings statements and SEC filings.  Other links and reports are provided for Disney shareholders.  Disney's dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP, named WDIP) is also linked but the plan does not come with a stock certificate.





    This site is not affiliated with the Walt Disney Company.  Our mission is to highlight the art of the Disney stock certificate, provide interesting links about the stock and the company, and be a location for information on both.  This site is for enjoyment and information. We provide different sites to buy Disney stock but do not give investment advice.  Please contact a licensed securities broker or similar financial planning entity for investment advice.  We are not a licensed entity but provide links to those who are.


      Buy Disney Stock Certificates  |  About Walt Disney  |  Cool Disney Links  |  Disney Stock Images


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